CME Engineers Provide Professional Development For Teachers

solar4stem testimonial
CME is hosting Solar4STEM partner, Douglas Jamerson Elementary, teachers as part of their annual professional development day.  Our engineers are eager to provide professional development for teachers and staff.  Solar4STEM experiment teacher development is just one of many areas CME engineers delight in providing.  Current engineering question and answer sessions between teachers, STEM staff and CME engineers are proving to be a highly requested professional development session!  CME engineers do a great job of making PD fun as well as extremely informative!  Send us a request today and we will be happy to fit you into our Professional Development schedule!

Lukas Hefty from Pinellas County Schools describes what it it’s like to use the solar4stem trainer kit in the classroom

Lukas Hefty, the engineering /Science Coach & Magnet Coordinator at Douglas L. Jamerson, Jr. Elementary in St. Petersburg Florida discusses the impact that the Solar4STEM science kits have had on students at Douglass J.

Lukas stresses how invaluable it is that students are able to see the real world applications behind solar technology.