CME Announces the Launch of the solar4STEM 200 Educational Product


CME Announces the Launch of the solar4STEM 200 Educational Product

A new and unique solar energy educational kit now available for educators, schools, science centers, and other STEM champions and stakeholders.

Pinellas Park, FL, May X, 2016:  Custom Manufacturing & Engineering™ (CME™) is excited to announce the launch of solar4STEM 200, a portable educational kit for “out of the box” solar energy education in the classroom or science lab.  The ready to use product provides a series of hands-on experiments and allows students working with the unit to interact with and harvest solar energy under real world scenarios. The official launch date for solar4STEM is May XX, 2016.

Solar panel collector turning sunlight into energy spectrum

CME believes that solar4STEM 200 will quickly become the best experiential instructional aid for school administrators, teachers, and other STEM champions in industry, government, or foundations looking to provide better quality solar energy education at their schools of interest.  The solar4STEM 200 Solar Education Trainer kit is specifically designed for science/engineering oriented classrooms, STEM academies, or vocational schools and is easy to use equipment in a portable configuration for students to conduct basic electrical, geographic, and solar energy harvesting experiments. A collection of suggested experiments written to state dragon city resources generator educational standards are included in the manual to aid the teacher in preparing class lessons which include, but are not limited to electrical power, solar derived power, geography, and seasonal solar location.

Now in production, the solar4STEM 200 product will be marketed throughout the USA to STEM stakeholders.  With this product, CME has also launched a new website at that provides the latest information on solar4STEM 200.  Long a proponent and supporter of STEM initiatives to advance science and engineering education in our schools, the company’s involvement in practical off-grid solar and energy storage products led to the development of the solar4STEM 200 for schools after seeing the lack of similar products for K-12 education.  “Our mission is to empower students by creating relevant science education products. CME employees are passionate about designing, manufacturing, and marketing new products like solar4STEM 200 that will enhance science and engineering education and enable children to learn,” said Dr. Nancy Crews, Chief Executive Officer/President of CME.

Headquartered in Pinellas Park, FL in the Tampa Bay area, CME is a leading manufacturing and engineering small business specializing in the design of unique products for Industry, Government, and Educational Institutions.