USA Today’s Back to School Edition featured Solar4STEM

Solar4STEM was recently featured in USA Today’s Back to School Edition!

You can see our feature below, contact us for more information and purchase a solar4STEM for your school here on our website.

USA Today 2017 Back to School Edition cover

USA Today 2017 Back to School Edition coversolar4STEM Placement

You wouldn’t believe the advancement of these 3rd graders after they went on THIS field trip!

April 21, 2016 – Douglas Jamerson Elementary 3rd Graders Field Trip

In keeping with the Jamerson Engineering Design Process of developing the 4Cs:  Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity the CME Engineer’s put their heads together to create a simulated “day in the life of an engineer”.  The team created multiple work stations for the kids to explore a number of tasks, builds and experiments.


In the photo above Rick Silva, Sr. Systems Engineer, is directing the kids to the various measuring points on the solar4STEM 200 unit.  He is holding a multi meter which provides an accurate measurement of voltage and watts in this particular experiment.  As the students engage the meter with the points designated for solar, battery, controller and inverter the meter provides them with the data for intake, storage and usage.  The usage is accurately measured as they utilize the built in load bank included within the unit.  Students choose how much or little load they want to use by engaging switches on the unit.  One of the many goals in creating the experiments for solar4STEM 200 was to make measuring energy and calculations fun!  Who said science and math can’t be fun?